Nag-aamok na ang mga artist

1 Aug

If you consider yourself an artist, then you should feel insulted that the highest award conferred to people of the arts has been touched by GMA’s “dagdag-bawas.”

natl artists awards mourning

I have nothing against the talents or whatever contributions of the Singit National Artists ni Gloria (or SNAGs) to the arts.  In fact, I just might defend them from people who are belittling their bodies of work just because they’re known for producing masa art.

In the case of Carlo J. Caparas, though I really find his massacre films chaka and an exploitation of the lives of individuals just to make money, it cannot be said that he is not a passionate artist in his own right.  The masses loved and supported the comic characters he created and may have found meaning in them.  Same goes for all the writers, directors, artists who come up with popular literature, TV shows, films, etc.  Say writers of Tagalog romance novels, for example.  Just because their works have become popular among the masses doesn’t mean they don’t deserve any meritorious award.  Art shouldn’t be hard to get, you know.  Nor should it have limits to its purpose and meaning.

What I find appalling in the recent conferring of awards is the rampant disregard of the choices of the committee tasked to nominate and review the nominees.  Para que pa, di ba?  And the most nakakasuka of all is awarding the Order of the National Artist to Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, who is as y’all know, the head of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the agency jointly tasked with the Cultural Center of the Philippines to administer the awards.


Parang promo ‘yan ng SM para manalo ng brand new car.  It would be preposterous and highly suspicious if, all of a sudden, Henry Sy wins the Toyota car.  Kahit nga SM saleslady na nakatayo maghapon in heels eh disqualified to join dahil employee sila ng SM.

There is no question that Cecile Guidote-Alvarez may be qualified to receive such an award for all her efforts to promote the Philippine theater arts.  But she’s got to wait for the right time to receive it.  Because who wants a tainted award, right?  Ayan, naalala ko tuloy bigla si Viveka Babajee na model-model na ngayon.

viveka babajee2

If I were one of the SNAGs, specifically Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, I will NOT receive the award, no matter if I think I deserve it.  Delicadeza and my utter respect for other artists who have received or should have received the National Artists Awards call for it.

See what other artists are saying.

One Response to “Nag-aamok na ang mga artist”

  1. Jerryco E. Tanig August 7, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    ano ba nangyayari sa bansa? pati mga Tunay na mga alagad ng Sining Pinupulitika pa!!!! sana sa mga gagawaran ng National Arist Award please sacrifice yourself! baka sa pagsasakripisyo mas mataas na kabayanihan ang magawa ninyo. wag na kayo lumabas sa TV at ipagtanggol ang inyong sarili, napaka kapal naman ng mukha nyo para ipagtanggol ang awards na di karapatdapat sa inyo. kung sa tingin nyo karapat dapat kayo? de magpasa uli kayo next time, pagkatapos ng eleksyon o ipasa nyo ang inyong nominasyon sa mga TUNAY NA MGA ALAGAD NG SINING NG BANSA!!!

    wag sayangin ang pinagpaguran nila : Atang Dela Rama, Francisca Reyes Aquino, Lino Brocka, Jose Tanig Joya, Guillermo Tolentino at marami pang iba.

    Nalula ka ba sa mga pangalan nila? pwes di KA pa dapat ihanay sa kanila!!!!!

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