Maru da lakwatsero

26 Jul

Friday night, went to Greenbelt to meet some friends for a late dinner as a send-off/get-together for Boni, who goes back to Japan today.  Since I don’t have a Yaya yet, I brought Maru along with me.


Stuffed ourselves silly at National Sports Grill.  We all fell in love with their potato skins.  Maru loved it, too.  Me, on the other hand, loved this.  Is this good ole’ Alfredo?  I forgot to ask.


But as in any dinner event, Maru got bored eventually.  Tupe, my former editor in Plaridel (one of the official newspapers of La Salle), graciously treated Maru to Timezone.  Thank you, Tupe!


Saturday, Maru and I went with his Ninong Marlon and Tito Bong at Trinoma.  Again, my little boy went Timezoning – Ninong Marlon’s treat.  We rode the mini-ferris wheel and Maru was awfully quiet during the whole ride.  At parang ako ang enjoy na enjoy, haha!


I wonder if he got scared.


He also rode this swaying taxi ride.  He was very excited upon boarding, he couldn’t take his hands off the steering wheel.

maru taxi

But when the taxi started to move, natameme na siya.  Inantok din dahil para siyang pinaghe-hele.


Thank you dear friends for the treat.  Maru and I had a very wonderful time.

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