Partial eclipse of the heart

22 Jul

I missed the partial solar eclipse this morning, thanks to Chuvaness’s 4 millionth reader contest. 🙂

But now, while watching the news, I became totally emotional. The solar eclipse reminded me of my dad.

partial solar eclipse

Photo courtesy of Mr. Jess Matubis.

When I was 8 years old, Papa made a really big deal about seeing the March 18, 1988 solar eclipse.  Of course hindi ko na naalala na ito nga ang exact date except ayon sa Internet, March 18, 1988 daw ‘yon.

Anyway, naalala ko lang na sobrang excited siyang makita ‘yung eclipse at naghanda talaga siya ng mga film and xray negatives to protect the eyes daw while observing the eclipse.

Niyaya niya ko sa labas ng bahay at binigyan ng negative.  I remember looking up at the sun with the negative held in front of my eyes.  How the sun looked like or whether I actually saw the eclipse at that time are all blurry to me now.

But I remember him looking up at the sun with child-like wonder.  It was a very rare moment since, to be honest, he was always very grumpy and serious, hindi pala-tawa, madaling uminit ang ulo, at maraming angst sa buhay.

Oh, how I miss Papa.  Naiyak na tuloy ako.


2 Responses to “Partial eclipse of the heart”

  1. Rachel July 22, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

    nice! ganyan din ako, may tendency to remember people and things from events and sometimes conversations. hello, i was just talking to a friend about tweeter and then i suddenly though of Shake Rattle and Roll. How strange is that?

    So did you win anything from Chuvaness?

    • rona July 22, 2009 at 11:00 pm #

      hahaha! No i didn’t. I’m so sad. Ang bagal kasi ng internet ko kanina umaga, late ako ng ilang minutes at may 7 tao na nauna sa kin mag-send. Eh 3 lang ang may prizes. Hahahaha!

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