This is how you do it

21 Jul

Cindy Kurleto in a sizzling cover for the latest ish of Uno Magazine.


Photo by Juan Caguicla

I think Cindy Kurleto is the most non-showbiz person in showbiz.  I met her five years ago in a photoshoot for a magazine that was never released named Goddess.  I did the interview for the cover story and found her very outspoken and real.  Long before Starstudio came out with a similar story, Cindy openly talked about Jericho Rosales, the alleged “cover up” of their relationship to protect the Echo-Kristine Hermosa loveteam, and her thoughts on love and dating.

Want to know why she has that banging body?  We served oh-so-tempting KFC chicken with lotsa gravy on the set and she didn’t even take a bite.  And that’s what you call self-control.


One Response to “This is how you do it”

  1. Rachel July 21, 2009 at 9:05 am #

    disiplinado, ha!

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