Did you watch?

2 Jul

Probe Profiles featured Hayden Kho last night and he revealed to Miz Che Che Lazaro that he was molested when he was seven years old.

By a man?  A relative?  Hayden didn’t elaborate, though he said he didn’t know who the person was.  If it were true, I have a feeling it was a guy who molested him because I’ve heard too many stories like that.  It seemed to me, though, that he’s trying to sell his past too hard so that he, as well as other people, would have something to blame for his naughty, naughty acts.

While watching, a friend texted me: “Magkano kaya binayad ni Belo kay Che Che Lazaro para i-feature nang ganyan si Hayden? Hindi ba si Belo rin nung nakaraan?”

Hmm…I don’t know.  But I don’t think Che Che would do Belo and Hayden for money.  They’re hot at the moment and their lives make interesting subjects.  I think their stories drew a lot of viewers for Profiles.

Meanwhile, the Hayden brouhaha isn’t over yet, not with the filing of cases and everything.  Because up to this moment, screencaps of Hayden having sex with other women are still leaking.

5 Responses to “Did you watch?”

  1. Rachel at 8:28 am #

    I wonder when we can see Hayden having sex with a man. Now that would be interesting!

    • Rona at 11:47 am #

      Malay natin!

  2. may alano at 7:26 pm #

    i watched probe profiles. as expected, cheche lazaro did a great interview with and feature on hayden kho. she is really the best.

    well, i just want to share my reactions to one of hayden kho’s statements.

    hayden claims to have been molested by a stranger inside a truck as a child. who is he kidding? how could that have happened when he led a very sheltered life, his mom kept a very close constant watch over him, and he never went anywhere, except school and church? that’s clearly just a sympathy ploy. he really ought to stop being passive-aggressive, making excuses, and looking for weird explanations for his behavior. instead, he should just own up to his own faults and take responsibility for his actions because those are all the products of HIS OWN CHOICES anyway. He was out of control because he CHOSE to be. it’s as simple as that. no one and nothing else is to blame, not his family, not his so-called/alleged molester, not belo, not showbiz, not katrina, not drugs. he is solely responsible for everything he has done. years of therapy won’t help unless he realizes that he is the captain of his soul and that the choices he makes, not any external factors, will determine what kind of life he will have.

    i do hope he will quit playing the role of victim, take control of his own life, and be the person God wants him to be.

    • rona at 10:27 pm #

      Well said!

      • may alano at 11:55 pm #

        thanks. : )

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