15 Jun

“Thank God that after more than 23 years of relentless persecution and deprivation initiated by the Cory Aquino administration in 1986, President Gloria Arroyo’s government has now started efforts for… truth and justice to prevail. Mabuhay ang Pilipino.”

–  Former First Lady Imelda Marcos on the possible “return” of her P15-billion jewelry collection which she left in Malacañang when the Marcoses fled in 1986.

Naghihirap na raw ang lola, claim niya.  Kaya ba siya nakikita dito?

One Response to “Kaloka”

  1. 1mprayers July 18, 2009 at 1:18 pm #


    Come join us, we are collecting 1 million prayers for Tita Cory Aquino.

    For Tita Cory, send your SMS text of prayers, your hopes and well wishes, your messages, your experiences on how you have been touched by her.

    Send your SMS text to +63 (908) 3344-771 [0908 3344-771]

    We will gather your text prayers in a collection and give a copy to Tita Cory and her family.

    Limit your SMS text message to 160 characters only, including spaces. Add your name at the end of the message.

    read more here: http://1millionprayers.wordpress.com/

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