15 May

Been back in Manila since Monday but haven’t done any follow up on my El Nido post.  Will do that later.  I’m writing just to ask you guys a favor:

Could you remind me again why I didn’t like X Men Origins: Wolverine?  Parang nakalimutan ko na eh.



Oh! Yeah! Right! It’s the Hagibis costumes.  And the screaming-one-last-aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh when somebody dies.  And the all-too choreographed movements of the characters.  Plus all the other cliches found in the movie.

Saka sabi nga ni Mike, para siyang 300 na sinamahan ng Kung Fu Hustle.

Butt, erm…I mean, BUT anyway, I’ve always loved Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.  ‘Wag lang kapag nagpo-pose siya nang ganito.

wolverine gay

Parang sasayaw ng “Careless Whisper” eh.

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