22 Apr

Guess who I saw shopping at Tutuban’s Prime Block earlier today? 


Why it’s none other than Imelda Marcos!


Grabe ha, a lot of people were following her and taking pictures (including me).  I bet hindi siya makapamili nang maayos with all the pesky people of Divisoria wanting to take photos of her or have their picture taken. 



Though I really wish I had a better camera with me (I used my Sony Ericsson’s Z610i 2MP camera kanina), hindi ko mapigilang maalala ‘yung joke namin ng mga kaibigan ko kapag nakarating kami sa bahay ni Imelda Marcos.  A few years ago, when a friend was about to interview her (or was it Imee Marcos and Borgy?), we kidded about stealing the mamahaling vases in their living room or any expensive looking ornament she has.  At kapag nahuli kami, we will say, “Binabawi ko lang ang taxes na binayad ng Tatay/Nanay ko!” 

So earlier, while watching her minions follow her every move, especially the high schoolers who kept on calling Imedla “Mommy! Mommy!”, I couldn’t help wondering whether the kids were just in for the thrill of having their pictures taken with a celebrity — okay, an icon — or they just didn’t know much about our history.  But hey, I have no right to judge davah?  Baka parang ako lang din sila, taking photos just for the heck of it, or for blogging’s sake. 




Anyway, I realized though that I have no patience to follow her every move.  Unless she’s Brangelina, stalking has never been my forte.  So I just went on to brighten my day with my guiltry pleasures. 



…and this.


Now I feel like I’m badder than Imelda.

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