It’s Earth Day you folks!

22 Apr

I’ve been meaning to Go Green since watching The Inconvenient Truth ages ago but I haven’t really done anything until recently.  Thanks to the intensive campaign of our beloved environmentalists, we’ve been getting more tips on how to reduce waste and save the environment.

So to start with, I bought Maru Yuyun washable lampins at Ssango2008, an online store selling baby items.  Nakukunsensiya kasi ako with the amount of waste we contribute by using disposable diapers, especially with all the chemicals they have.  Images of landfills reeking with soiled diaper scent kept popping in my head.

I only bought three to test whether it’s as leak proof as the site had claimed and yes, I’m loving it very much.


Though it’s a bit pricey (P320 each) as compared to the good ol’ lampin our mothers used on us in the olden days, I’m loving the idea that Maru and I are helping save Mother Earth in our own little way.

Pero siyempre hindi enough ang tatlong lampin lang no.  So when I came across Tushy Wushy washable cloth diapers at IndigoManila, me wanna try (for Maru, of course!).



I’ve already placed my order for a box of three (P1k per box) since it claims that its fleece material is better than cotton diapers (Yuyun’s made of cotton) in wicking away wetness from our baby’s butts.

I searched the net for imported washable diapers and they were all expensive, as in.  But what’s good about Tushy Wushy is that it’s proudly Pinoy made.

Another Pinoy wonder I’m supporting is Human Nature, an online site selling Philippine-made organic products at super affordable prices.  I cannot believe my eyes when I checked out their site.  Kapresyo lang ang products nila ng chemical-laden commercial products we usually buy at the grocery.


Fave ko ngayon ang Cucumber Shampoo and Mango Butter Conditioner.  Feeling ko ang fresh ng hair ko after every wash and I’m loving the idea that I’m not putting harmful chemicals on my hair.  Besides, pramis nabawasan ang dandruff ko, hahaha!

I also bought Maya a Kid’s Nature Shampoo and she loved its sweet Banana Scent, while I bought Maru a Kid’s Nature Baby Wash.  Plus, I also like their Citronella Bug Spray — perfect sa malamok naming bahay. hhnbabyshampoo


Because I so fell in love with Human Nature’s products, I’m actually considering becoming a dealer, not so much to sell, but to avail of the discount dealers get.  Yeah, I know, I’m “wais” like that.

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