Bonding with Maru

22 Apr

Since Good Friday and up until last Thursday, Maru was confined at the Chinese General Hospital for Dengue. It was his second time to get hospitalized for Dengue and the third hospital confinement in his 11 months of existence (my gawd!).

Anyway, during his hospital stay, an IV got lodged in the wrong vein making his left arm huge with swelling. Kawawa nga but to make things lighter, Mike drew a Popeye tattoo on Maru’s arm and we sang Popeye the Sailorman all night long.

Check out my Popeye tattoo!

Thankfully, everything’s fine now (I hope) and he’s super makulit as ever! He got well fast enough for us to join his Ninang Aya and fam at The Peninsula over the weekend. Nagpalamig kami and nagpahinga. We were initially planning to go swimming but decided against it at the last minute since Maru might not be strong enough yet to stay long in the water.

Maru, loving the floor, with Ninang Aya

Maru, loving the floor, with Ninang Aya

And now that we’re back at home, we’re once again feeling the heat. Hay. Buti na lang at nag-uuulan!

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