24 Mar

It’s my best friend Marlon’s birthday (March 23) and to celebrate, he’s throwing a costume party on March 28, with the theme “Costumes of the World.”

So Last Saturday, we went to Camp Suki, a small boutique that rents out costumes for all occassions.



I was initially planning to be a Japanese and had already borrowed a Kimono.  But upon visiting Camp Suki, which is HOMYGAS COSTUMES GALORE!, I’ve decided to be an Egyptian Queen instead.  They have super bibo costumes.  My friends Aya, Marlon, Dieph, and Rache tried out numerous costumes and they were all gorge!  It was like living in fantasyland for a few hours.  I put on different headpieces on my son Maru and I think he actually liked them.




Cutie patootie, isn’t he?

Unfortunately, they don’t have many Egyptian costumes that would fit my large frame. So I decided to just borrow a Cleopatra-inspired headpiece from Camp Suki.  Will just buy tela from Divisoria and ask the neighborhood seamstress to make an Egyptian costume for me.

Now I’m super excited for the party!

Camp Suki is at #88 4th St., New Manila, Quezon City (beside Mt. Carmel Church).  Their telephone number is 725-0819

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